The foundation manages several testamentary funds and separate funds established through bequests. The foundation has acquired its funds either through Ornamo ry upon the establishment of the foundation, through Ornamo’s member organisations, or on the basis of funds directly donated to the foundation.

At the moment, the foundation has several kinds of funds which have been classified, in accordance with the applicable Finnish legislation such as the Foundations Act and the Accounting Act, as a general fund, a restricted fund and self-covered funds.

The general fund of the Ornamo foundation consists of donations from Alva Bergroth, Arttu Brummer, Eeva Renvall, Marja Suna, Lena Strömberg, Hannu Kähönen, Ilmari Tapiovaara, H.J. and Irmeli Viherjuuri, Anna-Liisa Wiikeri and Gerda and Salomo Wuorio.

The self-covered funds are assets which the donor has presented to the foundation for the purpose of fulfilling a specific purpose, to be managed separately from the other funds and assets of the foundation. In the Ornamo Foundation, such funds include the Eva ja Maija Taimi fund, Mirja Tissari fund and Kaarina Aho fund.

The Kaj Franck fund is a restricted fund designated for a specific purpose, and special regulations apply to the use of the capital or profit from the fund’s assets.