Ornamo Foundation sr

The purpose of the Ornamo Foundation is to support the design of Finnish art and industrial products and neighbourhood environmental design, and to promote activities that foster Finnish art handicraft, industrial design, interior design, fashion design and textile art on a national level, while showcasing such works at international level.

The Ornamo Foundation owns several significant funds and bequests in the field of design, the proceeds of which are used to make annual grants and awards to artists and designers. The foundation welcomes and receives bequests and donations in order to fulfil its purpose. The Ornamo Foundation was established in 1994.

Asset management

The basis for managing the assets of the Ornamo Foundation is to retain the market value of the assets and make responsible investments. The task of the foundation is to manage the funds in its care by engaging in profitable investment operations. The foundation invests in stocks, fixed-income investments and other regular investment instruments.

The assets of the foundation are managed by Mandatum Asset Management.


The foundation is represented and managed by a board of six members appointed by Ornamo ry. At least two of the six board members must be chosen from outside the members of Ornamo ry and must have expertise in either finance, law or industry and commerce. The board members are selected for a three-year period. In its annual meeting, the board selects a chairperson and vice-chairperson for one year at a time.

Board of the Ornamo Foundation 2023

Elina Helenius (TEXO), President of the Board
Heikki Telivuo (SIO), Vice President of the Board
Risto Granlund (TKO)
Tatu Hemmo
Tiia Matikainen (Taiteilijat O)
Hilma-Karoliina Rozell

Secretary general: Petra Ilonen +358 46 878 2572 saatio(at)ornamo.fi

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